What Black History Month Means to Me

by Tariq Johnson

It is a time of Reflection to sharpen my perception of who I am and where I come from. The struggles that my ancestors went through, to overcome the obstacles of racism and achieve their goals. So the positive definition of the word N-I-G-G-A could and would become: Never Ignorant – Getting – Goals Achieved.

I am 58 years old, born in 1964 when Black Power really meant something to my people. We began to organize, unify and sacrifice our lives to change the condition we were forced to live in. My dad was a veteran paratrooper in the Korean War. He got shot in the head on his 73rd jump 

into the jungle. He was blessed to make it and conceive me, my brother and my sister. 

We were Miracle War Babies born during the Baby Boom era. My mom was part of the Black Panther Movement here in San Francisco. She was a member of the Economic Opportunity Council (EOC) and fought for the free lunch and other activities for us kids in the ghettos of San Francisco. 

This was a real life revolution that wasn’t televised. This movement began, and progressed with challenges and struggles, which came with achievements and built our faith. Faith was truly the substance of things we hoped for and the evidence of things unseen. If it wasn’t for that we 

would never have made it to where we are today. 

I was so proud to be a part of voting for Barack Obama, back to back, and to watch him create jobs and opportunities that will forever be the most incredible part of Black History that my son, daughter and myself will never forget. The man even wrote me a letter thanking me for doing my civic duty.

We are Black History in the making.  

May the peace and blessing of Almighty God be upon us forever.


I Said I wasn’t Gon’ Fight No Mo

It’s by Design

It seem like I couldn’t

Fight no mo

So I had to pick up my pen

and write some mo

When things seemed like 

they wasn’t right, No Mo

I prayed to God for the power to fight

Prayer prepared me for 

every bout to give it my

all without a doubt

My fans keep cheering they

scream and shout

They really don’t know what 

this fight is about

I’m not tripping on them

Hollering and screaming

Cause God is the one that’s helpin

Me fight these Demons

I’m tossing and turning 

and just can’t sleep

I got to get up and pray

cause this shit is deep

The demons are all over out

there in the street

Nobody said this fight 

would be fair 

The demons is tricky so 

I better beware;

This fight has ups and downs

Crazy twists and turns

If I get caught slippin

I’m going to get burned

I said i wasn’t gon’ Fight No Mo

Now I’m in it to win it

an that’s fa sho

When God got my back

There is no doubt

Im gone get in the rung

and knock they ass Out


The Love of Poetry

Poets like me needs people like you

It gives our minds something

to hold onto

In our times of dire of stress

You give our mind some place to regress

As I sit back and meditate, My pen

is my best friend that helps me contemplate

and participate with love instead of hate

I make the impossible, possible for 

you to read and believe

When I write from the heart of my 

experience it makes it easy for

everyone to conceive.

It’s the gift from God that makes 

me feel dressed with what I’ve been 

blessed with. It is the best

way for me to express it.