Vending Street Sheet

Hi my name is Mary.

The best part of my morning is jumping up at 7AM go to the Street Sheet program to make coffee, listen in at meetings, learn the power of good speech, manners, and choice of words to influence people and have an effect to get a message across and hopefully best convey the point. They might just seem to be poor but in many ways are wealthy and prosperous with hopes for the future and a team, a staff of people who work with the public of all kinds and diversity to resolve whatever conflicts or problems they come across and provide service to them great organization.

I pick up the Street Sheet, I need glasses to read well and the small print can be difficult. But the paper helps me get involved in the city and provide an education and information as a resource. They have people from varied types of backgrounds that can be influencing, offering development of security, employment, and involvement in a positive effect on the San Francisco streets and community. Each day I am present I see them in budget talks and hope to someday be at it together. With my past and present situation and my education in communication I can better work through and assist in these conversations, what we would call Housing Not Handcuffs. But directly to the point regarding persons evictions or abuse in public situations I hope to cease this, to stop it entirely and resolve it. It is a challenge but it seems feasible.

They also work with Chicanx Americans and families, young men and women, and some advocate at City Hall. I see them meeting with people from City Hall in the government, through this channel. It’s fun! I ask that I build my strength and sacrifice, and hopefully will continue to read, write and speak as best I can and make a difference. Houses Not Handcuffs, Peace not War.

God Bless,