Turning Point

by LuLu LaFlamme

I am, after so much fear, pain, disappointment, frustration, and deception, what I always knew I could be: a beautiful female.

I am not a woman, but that is an argument for another time.

I am a creation of god and goddess.

I follow pagan deities: Changó and Kwanying and Maximón.

I am a creator of poetry and art.

I am an unapologetic girly-girl.

I love clothes and bling and makeup and shoes.

I love panties and bras and tight tops.

I love my ass, tits, and legs.

I will get no surgeries beyond top surgery.

I do not need to go under the knife obsessively; ancient Greek homosexuality was not based in an artificial vagina.        

I am pussy, vulnerable and emotional without upper body strength.

I am a whore, sitting in the sunlight, a skinny, dirty blonde with big boobs, bait for men who are too stupid to graze on my soft body.

I am a slut, eager to widen my ass crack to take on more men.

I am the goddess to whom religious bigots pray when they are fearful, on their way to murder me.

I am a gender revolutionary; antifascist; feminist.  

I am inescapable.

I am mystery.

I am Lulu Luchadora, Queen of the Streets, love goddess, slave of the patriarchy, and Queen of the Night.

I am your future, world.  Get used to it.

Black and white photo of a masculine looking person with a beard staring directly into the camera.
Woman with eye makeup and pink lipstick looks up at the camera, the image is framed by colorful butterflies.