The Utopians

The season of giving has come to everyone

In the Kingdom of Heaven,

As keepers of the

Garden around us there is a glow, here is peace harmony

And love,

We give praise for deliverance and the abundance from


Wide open is Heaven’s mandate titanic hope is at hand

Promising salvation to women and men,

Filling cups promised and granted, salvation has come to

The planet.

Words of the prophets are in the light, daily praising of god’s creations

Key’s our delight.  We praise the despairing, the poor, and the blind be

Lifted, up.  Praise the water, praise the leaders providing for us, praise the sky and

Earth giving us substance, Praise nurses and doctors in the Pandemic, praise

Food workers devoted to the mission.  Praise the legislators giving stimulus

To the needy, praise the rich to be morally engaged, praise law men for doing

Their duty, praise employers setting aside discrimination.  Let those

Around you enjoy the magnificent gift of praise, to lift minds and hearts to heaven

where all prayers are answered.  There are no shortages praise is the answer,

come join with us in the luxuries.  For thine is the kingdom, the power, the love,

the peace, and the light of the world.