The Tenderloin

by Dawn Starr

When you search for “Tenderloin” on Wikipedia, you get an article about high levels of crime, particularly street crime such as robbery and aggravated assault. 

That is not only untrue, but an insult to my community, which includes doctors and nurses in our medical clinics, teachers and students in our schools, small business owners, police departments, fire departments, and many other important institutions. Beautiful churches with long-robed priests and nuns walking with large wooden crosses, giving out rosaries. Children lounging and playing at one of our playgrounds in our mini-parks.

We have some beautiful murals, lots of dogs and owners stopping so the dogs can say hi, and the owners sometimes having brief conversations, usually ending with “have a good day.”

We have hummingbirds, red-tailed hawks, seagulls, ravens and pigeons flying about.

So I’m here to say that the Tenderloin (named after the steak) has its rough edges, but it’s also a loving community that looks out for each other.