The need to end mass incarceration

“It is fair to say that we have witnessed an evolution in the united states from a racial caste system based entirely on exploitation (slavery), to one based largely on subordination (Jim Crow), to one defined by marginalization (mass incarceration).” – Professor Michelle Alexander, ‘The New Jim Crow’

Let’s talk about this mass incarceration for a little bit. We from the inner city face all the hardships in this country, and by design we were meant to be destroyed, by the fascist elite who control all the world’s wealth through their capitalist economic system. For big business to thrive, it needs labor, and just like our New Afrikan Ancestors who first reached these shores to further enhance the agenda of the slave masters, we the prison class are the new laborers meant to increase the wealth of the imperialists who place us in their prison systems.

Here in California, an inmate is worth one thousand dollars a day, so once the drug epidemic spread throughout, the lawmakers created laws that were designed to be broken, and incarcerated men and women at rapid speed. As in the “three strikes and you’re out” law, and mandatory minimums for drug offences.

Once they take what little money you may have had by way of court fees and restitution charges, they let the state get the rest, and I’m sure there are a few incentives coming their way for establishing the process.

Case in point, the Attorney General Jeff Sessions has made the attempt to do away with what President Obama put in place to release non-violent offenders and petty drug offenders, by informing the D.A.s they have the right to process all drug traffickers (and I’m sure any and all other drug-related cases, no matter how small) to the longest extent of the law.

Instead of releasing and rehabilitating inmates, he wants them to stay in prison where they can continue to be worth money for the courts, the lobbyists, and the federal and state prisons that house them. I stated already that laws were created to be broken. Well with no education, the removal of industrial jobs from the inner cities to the suburbs, the taking away of Government sponsored programs (like low income housing and welfare), you force people from the inner city to survive by any means necessary, which will allow you to lock them up if the means are criminal.

I believe the book Mass Incarceration/The New Jim Crow in the Age of Colorblindness by Michelle Alexander is a must read for anyone wanting to educate theirself and their family on the injustices done by this oppressive slave system. Anyone wanting to learn other alternatives to staying out of prison may write to me at the address given below. My name is Mwalimu Shakur, and I’m a New Afrikan freedom fighter, dedicated to the struggle of my people by teaching them critical thinking skills, as opposed to the criminal element they could be faced with.

In Solidarity Struggle / Mwalimu S. Shakur / a servant of the people