[Poetry] Snippet

Homeless at 15

Ain’t got no dream

High school drop out

Sleeping couch to couch

Bus to bus

Life got real tough

The streets took me in

Taught me to win

History of abuse

Kept that shit mute

Homeless has no face

Homeless has no race

If u look at me u wouldn’t have knew

All the struggle I went through

Grabbin on my tummy

They said I’m just a youngin

But I already killed one’my kin

Can’t do it again

And so I’m on the street

Ain’t got Nothing to eat

For me n my growin belly

Livin from telly to telly

Going back to my abuser

What a fuckin loser

My one lame option

Taught me caution

And so u think u know

Like I should reap what I sow

But I was just a kid

I don’t even want to live

No courage to take my life

But it’s too much strife

And so I WOMANed up

Hit the block

Got my money up

N you judge us

My community-but

You wouldn’t stand a day in our shoes

You would sit up here n lose

You ain’t got that skin

That won’t let no one in

You say we want the streets

Like we don’t want a warm bed to sleep

What kinda lies is that

So u could feel good living fat

While poverty surrounds you

Acting like we got the flu

U act like we don’t exist

Desensitized to the realness

We’re homeless cuz we’re poor

Not cuz we don’t want that home door that home floor

So we get that government aid

That stigma y’all mad at cuz y’all paid

Y’all paid for the prisons

Locking up our children

Locking up our daddy’s

Who rode round in caddys

U know who supports them

Our sisters n single women

Taking from OUR households

To profit YOUR stock holds

So that’s where their daddy is

Living wit the fuckin pigs

Now I’m off the streets

Got my food I eat

Got my babies wit me

But I still got pain

My tears fall like rain

My past haunts my dreams

All I got is deep spirituality

Keeping me sane

So I don’t fall again

My life is scarred

It all went too far

Still catching up

Cuz I was out of luck

Fast money was my hobby

Got me lost from my body

It got divided from my soul

For Christmas Santa shoulda sent coal

For all the dirt I did

For years I hid

Embarrassed of the life I lived

And I never said all this before

Let u peak into my soul

And I walk around in vain

Cuz I’m always in pain

But u would never know

By the smile I always show

The queen of laughter

Ain’t happily ever after

My life would make u fear

For your kids to not get near

What I went through

When no one knew

So open your mind

Never know who needs you to be kind

Cuz I needed you

But you never knew.