Poems by Rodney McClain

The Smile 
The Smile has a radiance of Power.
It can change the course of your life 
and others as well.
A Smile can be healing, I believe 
that it's an indicator of love and happiness. 
I'd like to see a day when the whole 
world smiles at the same time all 
over the world. 
I think it's the cure for just about 
everything in existence we suffer from 
in this world. 
I'm positive that the smile can bring 
us all together 
It is the key to unity & Love and 
compassion to one another 
We can all make this world a better 
place by smiling 

Miss Me But Let Me Go 
*dedicated to my father*

When I come to the end of the road. 
Here on Earth 
Please give me no rites in a gloom filled room. 
Why cry for a soul set free :)

Miss me a little but no too long please, 
Please don't bow your heads to Low.
Remember the love that we all shared. 
Miss me but let me go.
This is a journey worth remembering and 
we must all take someday hopefully I'll see 
you again 
miss me but let me go.
This was written for my Dad I Love and miss him. He taught me to work hard at anything you do it will pay out. He always had a smile and was a people person. We did a lot together I would not be as well traveled without home or well mannered if it wasn't for him. He taught me how to fish and hunt. We spent a lot of time fishing and brought a fish market. My Dad loved my special batter I'd make. My Dad out BBQed me all the time. But that's the only thing he had over me. Alot of the Poetry you'll be reading has my Dad's personality in them.

Living For the Love of You 
Jan 28th 2020

I know I'm living for the love you 
Each and everyday I'm living for all your love.
I can feel it everywhere I go through things 
And still Feel your love.
Nothing can stop me from Living For the love of You 
No matter what the would goes through 
I'm Living For the love of You. 
When I leave this world and join you in the next one 
I'll still be living for the Love of You! 
We all should be living for the love of You 
For I am you and you are me 
Thank you for your Love. GOD