Our City, Our Budget

Our budget campaign “Our City, Our Budget” to house San Franciscans, keep San Franciscans housed and protect the civil and human rights of those forced to remain on the streets, has come to fruition.   Due to hard work and organizing, many victories were achieved for unhoused San Franciscans.  For one, the second installment of funding for Our City Our Home, Proposition C, which passed in November 2018, is about to hit the streets and it will result in dramatic numbers of people having the opportunity to exit homelessness.  In addition, the Coalition’s Housing Justice workgroup alongside the Homeless Emergency Service Providers Association (HESPA) campaigned for additional resources to augment Prop. C and further fill unmet needs.  Prop. C generates over $300 million a year for housing, shelter, mental health services and homeless prevention.  In this budget cycle, HESPA garnered $53 million for unhoused people over two years.  In sum, we are talking about the potential to radically improve human and civil rights on the streets, over 4,000 housing opportunities for homeless people, 1,000 shelter beds, prevention for thousands of households and behavioral health services for thousands of unhoused people as well.

Tweets from budget justice actions past