My Proud Ego

by Aaone Enose

My proud ego is yelling revenge,

But I know forgiveness is the best!

I don’t want to jeopardize good things I’ve accomplished,

Lord please remove this devil from my ear that’s evil and toxic!

I forgive my sister who stabbed me in San Francisco with a knife,

I’m just grateful Lord that you didn’t allow her to take my life!

I felt that was a lesson for me to get it right,

To repent and take control of my life!

I’ve been through this life threatening experience to tell my story,

How you intervened Lord with 

Endurance to keep me going

As long as I wake up you’re not done with me yet,

You work everything out for my good and beautiful blessings is what I get!

Let go and let you Lord,

You are the key to every door!

I won’t retaliate because now I know better,

I’ll fight with my brain that will reel in big cheddar!

It doesn’t make me a punk or even weak,

I did my time and made my name in the streets with my fists!

God gave me perhaps a last chance,

I’ll fight with my head instead of my hands!

Let God fight my battles,

Instead of me fighting battles that don’t matter!

Setting examples is the goal,

Glory to God for the cycle I immensely broke!!!