It’s hard to say goodbye to the person I once knew. This special person that made me smile, laugh and made me stop feeling blue. Staying up for hours and talking about everything. To drawing and creating our own worlds to escape, to the way we used to sing. I’ll remember all those moments today, when I meet you for our visit. For however long or brief it is, I will cherish every minute. I will feel like I will be meeting you, for the first time in our lives. You and me both know that would not be very true.

You are going through so many changes now, I want to understand. I want to be a part of your transition, from woman to a man. We were best friend-sisters through circumstance, but now to be to you, AN ALLY, A SUPPORT, A BEST FRIEND SIBLING, through and through. So goodbye to Nikki, to all those moments that we had. HELLO! WELCOME! HOLA! To the most courageous and beautiful LEO lad! You have so much strength, you completely blow me away. I will really never be able to grasp the true length, that our love may have strayed. But I want you to know that I LOVE YOU MORE THAN YESTERDAY. These are the true words I want to say.