A Note About The Navigation Centers From a Former Client

As we see there is a total of four Navigation Centers here in San Francisco. There is one in the Mission, another on Market, the third at the Dogpatch, and the last one on Army Street.

So I asked a few people about their opinions about the new Navigation Centers and this is what they say. (Mind you, some of these individuals asked to keep their names anonymous during this interview, and some didn’t mind.)

I asked Lee about his experience in the Navigation Center and he said, “I like it; it gives me a chance to be off the streets for a minute, and to get my mind right.”

I also asked him since being there what services they offer. He said, “Job training, ID, SSI, General Assistance, and housing.”

Another individual, Derryl, hasn’t been to the Navigation Center for personal reasons, but I asked him if given a chance, if he would like to go. He said no.

I asked a few of my close friends who are at the Navigation Center what benefits you are reaping while there. Some of them said a bed, showers, multiple services offered.

So overall in a rating about the Navigation Center on a scale of one to ten people rate it like a 6 or 7—pretty good. Overall, the Centers are benefitting homeless people. They offer a gang of services if a person applies to them and put in the footwork to make it happen. Also, my suggestion to all clients is make your case manager to do their job. Put them to work to help you. Yes, I am a former client of the Navigation Center and yes, I made my case manager do his job. So put your best foot forward and do what you have to do for you to keep up the good work Navigation Centers…

Now my challenge is to everyone, from the Mayor on down, everyone knows how many homeless people are out here in San Francisco. When will we ever get to a solid understanding about the homeless epidemic? When will there be a common ground on it?

When will there be equality instead of discrimination from other people? Just sit on it and think about how we can make a change here in San Francisco.