Homeless And Marginally Housed Have A Friend In Matt Haney

I was overjoyed to see that school board member and eviction defense attorney Matt Haney defeated Sonja Trauss and Christine Johnson (who, fun fact, accepted money from single-resident occupancy hotel owners suing the city to stop an ordinance that would prevent SRO conversion from going into effect) in the District 6 supervisor race.

Trauss and Johnson were backed by big money, and were endorsed by none other than Randy Shaw, executive director of the Tenderloin Housing Clinic and a non-profiteer who has benefited from Care Not Cash. Shaw has had a lot of influence over the District 6 Supervisor ever since 2000, and not only will Matt Haney be a friend to tenants, but he will make sure that people who live in THC hotels, like myself, get justice. We live with very few rights as well as rents that eat up most of our income, and we need someone who will listen to tenants in non-profit hotels.

Also, with the “Twitter tax break” expiring in 2019, and Prop. C likely held up in court, Matt Haney will make sure this awful tax break is not extended, and we hope that the estimated $35 million that will come in be recaptured to help the homeless and marginally housed, as well as street cleaning.