Hollowed Out Empire

Black presence means civilization building, an

essence of conscious realization.

Proof against a white hegemony dominated by

swinging circumscision.

Black presence means anti capitalist – pro

pooe, the (product of our environment.)

keeling before the representation of bloodshed

The state of surveillance; cops crashing a pool

party, Cops shooting without worry,

The grand jury-giving normative validation

to white supremacy.

The black clad, single minded omnipresent

police kicking in the door, long barreled guns


Non-violent drug raids in Oakland twin to

militarized raids for Osama…

This is Augmented reality.


Augmented Reality

What happened to the days when as kids we

used to play?

Hand touch shoulder tag ur it, now those in blue

“freeze!” tag boom gone the youth, Smith and

Wesson long in tooth.

Cycling the cylinders now everyone is flexing

jaw muscles.

Lost too many building castles, psycho political

figure heads strip mining society of its values,

sliding the scale; Immaturely chasing fame, everything

for sale.

No longer is anything sacred, it grew long ago to hatred.

Bigger and Bigger the Thomas in us quicker than

Uncle Ben, when will it end?

The disparage of the Common man’s moral compass,

and unpleasing 3rd party of 5, erector sets become

the prison industrial complex.

Lost is the Democratic process; those rules under

which the governing bodies must ensure they will

heed and respond to the need, of those

affected ne’er by decree, but decision and

policy made by committee.

Undoubtedly some pai was necessary, the


A process of misdiagnosis of psychosis, for

eradicating the youth intellectually.

family a thing of the past. Everyone lives for

self, the opportunity to boast and brag; whos

got how many and which culture will be last.

An elite kabalist attitude all that’s left behind,

malnourished intellectually, can’t remember a

# without opening a window or taking a bite of

an apple, raisedby pop culture, starving for knowledge,

forced to build our mansions from scrap clap

board the end result of a deceased head like a


This is Augmented reality. So many generations

of gentrifications where the assault of biggotry

and past prejudices branded freedom’s call with

lashes that bore suicidal ashes….

The remnants of a hollowed out empire.