By Darnell Boyd

How could we as a wealthy, prosperous city be so heartless against the homeless people, especially those with mental health issues? We all know that we need a new state-of-the-art shelter and shelter system, but no one wants it in their neighborhood. Profit before people, is what anti-homeless people think and say, we don’t want anything to interfere with our precious tourist industry. While visitors to the city are are practically worshipped, our homeless brothers and sisters suffer. We can’t keep kicking, punching, ticketing and harassing homeless San Francisco residents while they’re down on their luck.

That is not us; we are better than this. Please, please, please, let’s do more to help them. We must try harder to give our brothers and sisters a helping hand. We are a blessed city, so let’s share our blessings with our neighbors who are poor, homeless and suffering with mental health issues.

I’m sending out an SOS. Please respond! Thank you.