God and Me in 2023

by Lawrence Hollins

Today I’m turning the page, and I thank God for setting me free from that cage, and not sending me to my grave, because I had a crave, I was in a daze, and I walked around in a maze for days

My father God said it was just a phase, and that’s why you’re able to turn the page

From that ghetto vacation, that would have led to incarceration, probation, or assassination

So I thank you father God for the demonstration. Because I am one of your creations here in this nation

So in 2023 it’s about God and me

You see God made the birds and the bees, he also made the trees, and that’s what’s taken away my crack disease. He said I’m going to give you a new life, this time get it right, cuz when you start putting a dent in them tents, I’m going to introduce you to your wife. He said son you are blessed and highly favored, so always be kind to your neighbors

So in this year 2023, it’s about God and me

So I thank you father God, for setting me free from that cage, putting me o stage to be able to write this page

In your son Jesus’ name

Amen, amen, and amen!