From Foster Care to Activism

by Sabrina Abong

My name is Sabrina Catherine Abong. I am 26, a homeowner, a single mom, and a Tesla worker. I want to create systemic change. I first entered foster care when I was 3 years old and re-entered care between the ages of 13 to 21. During my time in care, it was rough going to different homes and high schools. I’ve had the opportunity to have my biological parents come back, but I’m choosing not to have them in my life because they are both very toxic individuals who don’t care about my well-being—only their own. My biological mother would only hit me up for money and my biological father wants nothing to do with me—which is OK! So, for my best interest and my son’s, I am choosing me and my son. I am going to be a better mother for my child and break generational traumas! I plan to be the best activist for foster youth and human trafficking survivors!