February Poetry Corner

My Valentine Love
by Lawrence Hollins

Love is: sharing and caring,
giving and forgiving
Love is: loving and being loved
walking hand in hand
talking heart to heart
Love is: seeing through each
others eyes laughing
together, weeping together
praying together and
moreso staying together,
Love is: your Best Friend, your
King or Queen, your dream
your everything,
Love is: God, and God likes 
loving, now that’s
what I call love!!!

With a Smile
by Mira Martin-Parker

I work in a room the size of a broom closet and I am happy.
My clothes are full of holes and I am happy.
I eat beans for breakfast and beans for dinner and I am happy. 
A pack of peanuts with my paycheck and I am happy.
A 3-cent raise, some personal days and I am truly happy.
I am happy, I am happy
lordy lordy, I am happy
peanuts praises, beans and raises
I am happy. 
Classless Society
by Mira Martin-Parker

Suits, ties, collars, cases, well-worn wingtips, tennis shoes, pastel tops, pearls, a pearl grey blazer, pumps, nylons, open toes, khaki pants, a blue button up, a printed dress, a sweater set, a Kate Spade bag, white shoes, white slacks, white hair up in a twist, jeans, sweatpants, during the daytime, downtown, a shopping cart, a military bag, yellow skin, matted hair, a flower, a smile, a cardboard sign, just trying to get home.