System: Activism

Her poetry

Gave medicine

To the broken

In heart & mind,


Found within

Their ranks sometimes.

Her plays

Gave us

Reason to laugh

At the misery

Associated with poverty

In our lives brought to heel

In one act or two.

A different play

For each


Kept things interesting

For the privileged

And underprivileged students.

Always where

The excitement is—


Movement strategy

Meetings, radio shows,

Street protests,

Film and

Arts festivals,


With politicians—

Yet calm, humble,

Eloquent through it all.

Berkeley-born dreadlocked

Daughter of Caroline

On the ground reporter

Digital resistor


Not on the forefront

Melted into the scene

With Poor Magazine

Welfare Queen

Gentle heroine


Disseminated that

Revolutionary love

For other

Single mothers,

Revolutionary love

For sex workers

Surviving off their

Physical art,

Revolutionary love

For the Punk Rock scene,

Her secondary

Bay Area family,

Revolutionary love

For the indigenous

Whose land this

Settler lie stands upon,

Revolutionary love

Patience, in actuality,

For the author of these words,

A man whom extreme

Few respect and none understand,

Revolutionary love

For the poor

In all guises, levels of hardship,

Revolutionary love

For her biological son,

For her Mexican

Lover and his own son,

For little

Xolo and Chihuahua

Dogs, the softest spots in

Her heart were for them,

Revolutionary love

For most she encountered

Order was

Brought to

Disorder when

Her calm

And positivity entered

A room together.

W: 9.13.18

[ For Laure McElroy—1972-2018. ]