Call for Submissions: Street Sheet Disability Issue

A punk with spiky hair in the foreground sits in a wheelchair raising their fist. Behind them hands gesture in sign language. There is a brain with the symbol for dopamine and a heart drawn underneath. A figure wearing glasses uses a white cane and walks with a dog, who is smiling.

Street Sheet is accepting submissions for our first ever Disability Issue!

We are seeking articles, narratives, poems, artwork, comics, etc focusing on the intersections of disability, race, and poverty. Payment is available for submissions from people experiencing homelessness! Submissions can be in any format: typed, scanned, handwritten, audio recorded, etc.

Submissions can be emailed to, mailed to 280 Turk Street, SF 94102, or dropped off in person Mondays-Fridays from 10am-2pm.

Not sure what to create? Here are some prompts:

How have things become more or less accessible for you during the COVID-19 pandemic?

What does mutual aid look like in Disability Justice communities?

How has your housing status been impacted by disability or mental illness?

What do you wish housed people knew about homelessness? What do you wish able people understood about disability?

Don’t let these ideas limit you! We’re here to uplift your creativity and your story, so let your imagination take charge.