Behavioral Health

(In memory of Luis Temaj Tomas)


On Tuesday, October 12, 2021

TV news announced

That a homeless man

Had died from his burns

He had been sleeping 

In his sleeping bag

The previous Friday 

When someone set his

Sleeping bag on fire

At 25th street and South Van Ness

In the Mission neighborhood

In San Francisco’s Latinx neighborhood

He was Latinx.


Yet, local and state government

Wants to intern and force medicine

Upon the homeless,

Governor Newsom with his 

Cares Court in all of California,

San Francisco Supervisors Mandelman

And Safaí with their sponsorship of

CA proposal of “Modernizing California’s 

Behavioral Health Continuum,”

Which would force internment and 

Forced medication upon the homeless.


The ones that should be forced into

Mental Health treatment with forced

Medication and forced treatment

Are those that have killed the homeless,

They’re the guilty ones.

Incarcerate them, 

Investigate those cold-blooded, fascist killings!!!


Don’t think fascist growing state, local

Government structure will stop murderous

Attacks against the homeless.

Raise your voice against Care Court,

Which is targeting the homeless,

Raise your voice against SF Supervisors’

And California elected representatives’

Anti-homeless legislation.