Be Aware of SRO Contracts

by AF

In the building I live in we have critters and roaches, and sometimes the bathrooms are kinda messed up with feces and cigarette butts, toilet paper all around and left on the floor. Usually the building is inspected once every year, but recently they’ve been doing it every month just to harass us. I want these conditions to improve because it is inhumane how people live with these conditions. We have pest control come but they just treat the rooms, so the infestations just move from one room to the next. And another thing is that now I’m feeling like I’m in jail. We have desk clerks who used to answer the door – though now we have the electronic keys – but they make our guests sign in. You only get nine overnight visitors a month. Visiting hours are from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. If I pay rent to live in an SRO building, I feel I should be able to have guests whenever I want and not feel like I’m in jail. I don’t have a bathroom or a kitchen in my unit. Each floor shares one kitchen, four bathrooms and one shower. We always talk about house rules at the monthly meetings, in which some people go and some don’t go. I don’t go to the house meetings. I know what’s going on by listening to the other tenants. The property manager facilitates the meetings. So if you do get an SRO, be careful what you sign. Because if you sign something it could jeopardize you living there anymore. Read it carefully because they can kick you out for violations of the house rules.