by Morgan Zo Callahan 6-18-18

(June 25,1956 NYC to June 8, 2018 Strasbourg, France)
For viewers of the award-winning series “Parts UInknown” and for curious seekers of parts unknown, anywhere, everywhere, here’s a short poem, a tribute to Anthony Bourdain, (creator and presenter of “Parts Unknown”)  who died tragically on June 8, 2018:

Gift given, passing to Mystery

your soul’s next curiosity

Bye Adios Shalom Warm Abrazos Grazie

Hello, are you in the invisible world, sweet Tony?

We feel you, cordial world shrinking peace wishing phenom

Sharing parts unknown, sisters & brothers awaiting

the kind touch of a faraway magnanimous friend

Human being man traveling lip licking man, afraid & fearless, solitary & outgoing

Brilliant touching Stories like prayers: no person unworthy of interest,

unqualified for fairness

Respect dignity, nourishing secrets of food, life & heart are revealed

Tasting deeply the juice of good living, suffering, despair, & hope

there is no other place to go in the visible world.