A Letter from a Vendor

Hi, I’m Mary of the Street Sheet and the Coalition on Homelessness. I hope you’re doing well.

I like the Coalition because of the educated staff who assist you in their meetings to develop skills that some of us already have to work or pursue our responsibilities in the city of San Francisco.

I feel like I like community service, and had once wanted to do public service announcements for the public at KUSF for my Major degree. This is similar to writing.

I like the parks and recreational sites in the Bay, and like the people in the schools like City, State, and USF.

There is respect for each other, here, and that has carried me through some tough times when things were rough due to various difficulties.

I would like to say that knowing people from other parts of the world and who speak other languages is nice. Our city has diverse cultures.

I love my community, but there are beautiful sites to see beyond the Tenderloin, and there’s great work around the Bay. I love the views I see from different spots around the Bay.

I am glad for the staff at the Coalition, such as Miguel and Mike, and the meetings that we can participate in to develop skills. The extra money that I get from selling the Street Sheet helps me move forwards, not backwards, as my social workers at the Hyde Street Clinic and the Tenderloin Clubhouse alway say to me. I hope to make my goals and strengthen my pocket book the extra money is great.

It’s important to know there is a nice side of life.

I wish you all good health and safety, friendships, and family.