NYC’s Supportive Housing Tenants Have a Bill of Rights. Why Can’t SF’s Have the Same?

In late 2021, the #30RightNow campaign concluded when all the permanent supportive housing tenants in buildings under the Department of Public Health were transitioned to a 30% rent standard. At the same time on the other side of the country, another campaign led by and for supportive housing tenants was wrapping up a legislative push. In December 2021, the New York City Council passed the Supportive Housing Tenants Bill of Rights, which would later be signed by the mayor.


Home: Kurt Shruptrine

Name: Kurt Shuptrine, 55

Date: 23 March 2022

Place: Rankin Street and Islais Creek

Homeless: About 11 years

What does Home mean to you?

Texas, that’s where I’m from. I miss Texas big time.

Why are you at Rankin and Islais Creek?

It’s by the water. Something about the water reminds me of home.


Side Notes

The manner in which the hours of freedom.. 

are spent determines, no less than labor or war, the moral worth of a nation.” 

— Maurice Maeterlinck 

Little Miss Muffet

Sat on her tuffet

Smoking a bowl in the dark

Along came a ranger, 

Took her weed and detained her 


Advocates Fight to Codify Shelter Grievance Policy

On April 7, members of the Board of Supervisors  Government Audit and Oversight Committee considered whether to codify the Shelter Grievance Policy—a critical protection for homeless San Franciscans—in the City’s Administrative Code. Dozens of advocates turned out to make their voices heard in favor of the proposal, and the committee voted to send the proposal to the Board of Supervisors for a full vote. Given that six supervisors have joined Shamann Walton in sponsoring the legislation,


Kidnapping the Tenderloin through Redistricting

Every 10 years, the U.S. Constitution requires all residents to be counted through the Census. The Census occurs every decade, and once it concludes, the redistricting process begins. Redistricting is the redrawing of boundaries to ensure that U.S. citizens in a given state or city have a relatively proportionate number of constituents to serve in legislative offices. The redrawing of district lines is done at every level of legislative government: city, county, state and federal.


Housing is Safety

Four walls. A roof. Doors that can be locked with a key. These are things that provide you with security, safety and stability when you’re housed. It’s easy to take these feelings for granted. I sure did until I lost my housing, and I had to struggle to keep my security, safety and stability in my newly unhoused state.  

Now, imagine if you’re trying to avoid some asshole who’s harassing or bullying you,


California Has a New Law on Eviction Protections

What does it mean for tenants?

Reprinted from CalMatters

When California legislators voted last June to again extend eviction protections, they promised the third time would be the charm.

But the state’s rent relief program, which has struggled to reach the neediest tenants and landlords from the start, continues to lag. As of last week, the state has paid $2.4 billion to about 214,000 households — fewer than half of all who have applied for aid.


Made Homeless by COVID-19

When the first case of COVID-19 was reported, no one knew how far it would spread or how dramatically it would impact our lives. No one knew the damage it would do to our health, our finances, our mental wellbeing. As I write this the impact of this pandemic has been felt across borders, affecting everyone regardless of age, sex, religion or even social status. What we used to see as a normal routine became a luxury as our movement was restricted by lockdowns and self-isolations.


Abolish Absentee Ownership and Criminalize Rent

If “activists” want to help the homeless, they can start by questioning the role of property. Two hundred years ago, there wasn’t any “real” property. Workers belonged to ‘manors’ or other post-feudal systems, enjoying just enough agency to make homes for themselves, to shelter in place, and to learn a trade. Goods were shared between workers largely based on need and interpersonal social status. Fiat currency is an historically new method for maintaining class division,


SRO Collaboratives, the City and the Nonprofits in Between

If you are placed in supportive housing, it will likely be a single-room occupancy (SRO) unit, and you will also come into contact, in various contexts, with the SRO Collaboratives. They tend to get tenants plugged in by holding dinners, giving out free ice cream and getting them involved in neighborhood issues, and yes, an SRO Collaborative got me interested in these oft-ignored equity issues. However, if you dig deeper, you will find conflicts of interest,