City Continues to Close Shelter-in-Place Hotels

A ‘Return to Normal’ in Abnormal Times

Wastewater testing is showing that San Francisco is currently experiencing perhaps the biggest COVID-19 surge yet, at the same time as the monkeypox virus is sweeping the country. With mask mandates gone and eviction protections being rolled back, the City seems set on a return to normal in the most abnormal of times. 

Against this backdrop, the City is shutting down shelter-in-place (SIP) hotels,


Locked Out at Golden Gate: San Francisco Empties Another Encampment

About as quickly as it sprouted, a homeless encampment on Golden Gate Avenue dispersed last month. The San Francisco Police Department and multiple City agencies also tasked with moving unhoused people off outdoor areas were on hand.

For a few weeks, about 15 people had a place to lay their heads. They had slept on a vacant parcel that’s approximately 17,000 square feet—slightly larger than an NHL hockey rink—in San Francisco’s Cathedral Hill neighborhood.


Evictions in Permanent Supportive Housing

In the fall of 2020, as the #30RightNow coalition was preparing legislation to cap rents at 30% of income for permanent supportive housing (PSH) tenants, I made a request to see the annual eviction report required of housing providers receiving funds from the city. I wanted to see if there was a positive correlation between buildings where tenants are rent burdened and the number of notices of eviction for non-payment. By cross checking that against a list provided to Supervisor Matt Haney’s office of buildings in which tenants were paying more than 30% of their income in rent,


Shower Funding Uncertain After Budget Cuts

Funding for public showers across San Francisco was combined with funding for bathrooms in this fiscal year’s budget, leaving advocates and service providers doubtful that the showers will actually be implemented. 

The Coalition on Homelessness’s original budget request called for $1,070,636 as a stand-alone program through fiscal years 2022 and 2023. These funds would have been sufficient to provide 112,000 showers free of charge in locations in the Mission, Bayview and Haight. 



The Power of San Francisco’s Stories and Storytellers: the Olive Hackett-Shaughnessy Saga

San Francisco is a city of storytellers. It has been for a long time and it still is today. Storytelling keeps the city alive and helps to save it from its narcissistic self, and from the tears in the social fabric that officials—from Mayor London Breed to the new district attorney, Brooke Jenkins, successor to Chesa Boudin—promise to fix but have not yet done. Author Peter Walker and others insist that cycling can save the world.


In April

Sunlight through a cloud 

Bleaches the bones of  

Something small,  

And long forgotten. 

Reflecting on a  

Silver strand in 

My dark hair,  

While a cruel wind  

Masks as warmth. 

So many lives 

I have lived,  

So much happiness 

I have feigned 

In the month  

Of dust and lies. 


I’m Ready!!!

I’m ready for something new, with someone that’s true. I’m ready for you. I’m ready to make a change, and do new things, yes my love, I’m ready to get back in the game. I’m ready to make a new friend and to make plans to dance, romance, and together we can build finance. I’m to love and be loved, so I can love you, hug you, kiss you, squeeze you, and also please you,


Police Know Arrests Won’t Fix Homelessness. They Keep Making Them Anyway

In the Lents neighborhood of Portland, Oregon, residents gathered at a public forum last June to voice their concerns about the city’s growing population of homeless individuals. 

Over the last decade, rent grew twice as fast in Portland as the rest of the country, and the estimated number of people experiencing homelessness increased by nearly 30 per cent. The effects of those dynamics were on full display in Lents, one of the city’s most racially diverse areas and among the neighborhoods where home prices had been rising the fastest. 


Our City, Our Budget

Our budget campaign “Our City, Our Budget” to house San Franciscans, keep San Franciscans housed and protect the civil and human rights of those forced to remain on the streets, has come to fruition.   Due to hard work and organizing, many victories were achieved for unhoused San Franciscans.  For one, the second installment of funding for Our City Our Home, Proposition C, which passed in November 2018, is about to hit the streets and it will result in dramatic numbers of people having the opportunity to exit homelessness. 


Home: Brandy Ericksen

Name: Brandy Ericksen Age: 39

Place: Dore Street

Without a home: Off and on, 20 years

“Ever since the internet and social media there’s a  false sense of community when all you’re doing is so cial media. I had a really hard time finding a way to fit  in community outside of being on the streets. I don’t  want to mix my job with my personal life.