A Mother’s Love

by Rodney McClain

A Mother’s Love is so pure it must come from above. The gates of heaven sits at the Foot of a Woman. That means the best attribute that comes from GOD thats placed in the soul of a Woman (is undoubtable Love). Thank you Mom for showing me how to love. Thanks for showing me the meaning of unconditional Love. I’ll do this to spread this Love to make our World a better place.



by Jay Rice

This weekend hundreds of people will gather at Kelly Cullen Community Center on Golden Gate Avenue to enjoy the incomparable work of the Skywatchers Ensemble and imagine together a vibrant future for the Tenderloin.

You may recognize the name Skywatchers from any number of the unique performances and installations generated by the group in their storied history. Founded in 2011, Skywatchers “brings residents of San Francisco’s Tenderloin District into partnership with professional artists to create multi-disciplinary,


When Money Becomes a Weapon

Darnell Boyd

Who would possibly use money as a weapon against poor, homeless people? The wealthy would, and they are doing it now. They are raising money to stop a navigation center from being in their neighborhood.

Why would they do that? Why would they be so cruel to people that don’t have anything and they have more than enough?

These are some of their reasons.


Solidarity Forever: A Look at Labor Struggles in San Francisco in 2019

As wages and homelessness are deeply linked, here is a Look at Labor in the Bay Area, 2019

Anchor Steam Unionizes

For a year Anchor Steam employees had been building momentum toward unionizing, one of the first such efforts in the craft brewing industry. With the help of the local DSA, they waited to file their intent to form a union until enough steam (no pun intended) had gathered to to do so.


Homeless Woman Offered Shelter by Police, Then Arrested

By Nuala Sawyer, originally published in SF Weekly

Homeless advocates are crying foul over an arrest that occurred on Turk Street Thursday morning, after a 28-year-old unhoused woman was offered a bed in a Navigation Center by police. When she gave her name to them, she was arrested.

Quiver Watts was standing outside their job at the Coalition on Homelessness on Turk street when they spotted three cops rolling up.

“They got out of the car,