We Kept Our Eyes Trained on Home

This fall, the Coalition on Homeless has been working hard to pass Proposition C and finally make systemic changes to address homelessness. Now that it has passed, I reflect on the years of work our collective put in to finally get here.

The history of Proposition C can go back decades, representing years of struggle, failure, victories, learning, building, crying until there were no tears to shed, of trying a new path.


Global Climate Action Summit Fails Poor People, Environmental Activists

On September 11th, the day before the Global Climate Action Summit conference brought world leaders together to strategize around climate change, Department of Public Works Director Mohammed Nuru sent an email to his entire staff to prepare them for a long weekend of hard work.

“Our city will be in the the spotlight and our crews have been working around the clock to make sure that people have a good, positive experience here,” Nuru wrote.


What’s Up With the Prop C Lawsuit?

The city is currently in court to resolve whether two voter initiative taxes on the June 2018 ballot required approval by simple majority or two-thirds of voters (Prop C/childcare and Prop G/teacher salaries).  Proposition C, Our City Our Home, passed in November and received 60 percent of voter support but did not reach the two-thirds threshold. Its fate rests on the fate of the other two measures.

The California Supreme Court made a ruling that based on constitutional wording,


Staying Safe During the Wildfires

Wildfire smoke is hazardous and contains pollutants such as carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, hydrocarbons, and particulate matter. When structures are burned one must account for incinerated plastics, chemicals, and other particulates as well. Adults with respiratory problems (such as asthma), diabetes, heart/lung problems, as well as small children and the elderly are especially vulnerable. Symptoms of smoke inhalation include headaches, sore throat, burning eyes, irritated sinus, runny nose, and cough.

Individuals should stay indoors whenever possible,


Homeless And Marginally Housed Have A Friend In Matt Haney

I was overjoyed to see that school board member and eviction defense attorney Matt Haney defeated Sonja Trauss and Christine Johnson (who, fun fact, accepted money from single-resident occupancy hotel owners suing the city to stop an ordinance that would prevent SRO conversion from going into effect) in the District 6 supervisor race.

Trauss and Johnson were backed by big money, and were endorsed by none other than Randy Shaw, executive director of the Tenderloin Housing Clinic and a non-profiteer who has benefited from Care Not Cash.