By Lisa Aragon

Sometimes you don’t know what to do

If you look, there will be help, that is true

Things you need are long overdue

Life does not always give us the best view

Homelessness will never be new

People that get over it are very few

Everyone is locked in some kind of zoo

Whenever you pray,


Look Around

by Jennifer Friedenbach

Look around

Open eyes look back

Back back back to slavery time

Black bodies bent

Stolen bodies working stolen land

Brown First Nation bodies strewn

Stolen lives losing Stolen futures

Look around

Open eyes look forward

Forward forward forward to Reagan Trump times

Black bodies lying askew

Stolen belongings sleeping without on stolen ground

Brown bodies kidnapped and detained

Stolen futures killing stolen dreams

Look around

Open eyes see resistance

Resist resist resist to a new time

Black bodies reclaim their homes

Brown bodies reclaim their dreams

Black and brown and white unite



BART advertisement reads “Say no to panhandling. There’s a better way to give.” with a hand forming a heart around words reading “Have a HEART but GIVE SMART”

By TJ Johnston

July 25, 2019

As this paper goes to print the president of BART’s Board of Directors, Bevan Dufty, wrote on Twitter that BART will be removing the anti-panhandling signs and that the campaign “happened w/out considering broader messaging”. 

Here we go again: another anti-panhandling campaign.

To be specific, another plea for housed people to avoid giving money to usually unhoused or unsheltered people.


How San Francisco’s Homeless Sweeps Endanger Queer Houseless People

In a city with a homeless crisis declared “cruel and unusual” by the UN, crueler efforts to displace them — alongside politicians and real estate developers pushing for increased surveillance and policing — are putting LGBTQ+ lives at risk.


reprinted from

June 18, 2019

A photo of Vanguard activists documenting their “Sweeps” action, from an October 1966 issue of the group’s publication, … READ MORE

Vehicular Triage Center

Since 2017, homelessness has increased by 30 percent and a significant part of the increase in that population is due to an increase in the vehicularly housed population. Since 2015, the population of people living in their vehicles increased 22%. In response, what does the Department of Homelessness want to do? 

Increase parking restrictions. 

“The Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing has requested overnight parking restrictions to support their work to resolve vehicular encampments and discourage re-encampment on these streets.