A Library for All San Franciscans

Many of us have experienced that sinking feeling- the library book you checked out several weeks ago might be overdue, racking up late fines every day. But for those who can’t afford to pay the fines, the sinking feeling becomes worse: they can become blocked from accessing the library.

On January 17th, the San Francisco Public Library Commission voted to eliminate fines on overdue materials. The vote followed testimony from San Francisco residents and librarians in response to a report released by The Financial Justice Project and the Library titled “Long Overdue: Eliminating Fines on Overdue Materials to Improve Access to San Francisco Public Library.”

Through interviews with librarians across the country,


My Proverbial Provocative Mind of State

by Georgia

Ducts of pain that laid so far beneath the surface of my skin as I’d make up my face and embrace what dwelled within..

I fear no more, I am healed,

without no pain, no gain,

Yes I acted up. Turn Down for What?

But I’m no longer ashamed, No more self infliction…

Unanswered questions

I found peace,


It’s a big deal: Newsom’s housing budget, explained

By Matt Levin, CALmatters

No wonder Gov. Gavin Newsom dropped those hints earlier this week about an upcoming “Marshall Plan” for affordable housing.

Sure, he’d made ambitious campaign promises to combat California’s housing crisis: leading the effort to build 3.5 million units over the next seven years (an unprecedented rate), jacking up state subsidies for housing reserved for lower-income Californians, and easing regulations so it would be easier to build all types of new housing.



System: Activism

Her poetry

Gave medicine

To the broken

In heart & mind,


Found within

Their ranks sometimes.

Her plays

Gave us

Reason to laugh

At the misery

Associated with poverty

In our lives brought to heel

In one act or two.

A different play

For each


Kept things interesting

For the privileged

And underprivileged students.


Mr. Hardtime

by Dee Allen

One afternoon, around

My high school days,

Grandma Lillie

Took time away from

Sewing clothes and talk show

On daytime TV to tell

My little brother and me

An important tale

About a guest

Who often came

Uninvited. Hard to predict his moves—

Being a teen-aged girl

And young mother in

The Great Depression of the 1930s,



by John Hirschman


Shema here,

shema hear me,

a child born

and raised originally

in Superman’s

capitol of Death,

whose rule is trumpery.

This stack of

matzohs I fling

one after another

across your Rosh

Hashanah clear

to your Yom


like a paroxysm

of memory,


To Ronnie Goodman

by Alice E. Rogoff

Is running
To run to get
His art
From being
Carted away
In trucks rumbling.
Ronnie was running
To sketch, to
Print, to paint,
Black lines,
Running over
Sidewalk cracks,
Feet moving, stepping,
Sitting for a moment.
Ronnie is bicycling,
The pedals drawing
Circles on
Sixteenth Street.


Despite Everything, He Smiled

by Vivian Imperiale

The tired homeless man

worked his way across traffic lanes

to stand on the divider strip,

hoping that drivers

would open their windows

and hand him change.

Not terribly likely

but he had no other plan

than to stand in the cold,

breathing in fumes,

seeing stern faces

turning away.


Two Poems By Sharon Randle


By Sharon Randle

I knew the day would come soon.

At last I have keys to a clean quiet room.

Thank you for all the gifts you’ve given.

I’m grateful to have a safe place to live in.

Enjoying my comfort, grateful for space,

Looking ahead to a much larger place.

Grateful for the money,