Gavin Newsom Not So Green After All

Updated: May 20, 2016

During his time as mayor of the City from January 2004 through January 2011, Gavin Newsom promoted his administration as being many things, including progressive in social policies and green in environmental issues. And earlier while an SF Supervisor in 2002, Gavin sponsored his signature “Care not Cash” program as a substitute for welfare, later touting the program as one of his major successes while mayor. But several actions taken during his mayoral administration—and other recent inactions by our now Lieutenant Governor—show him to be neither progressive nor green.


Shelter From The Storm?

By Cat Callaway

City Plans For Some New Shelter Beds in Anticipation of El Niño Rains

The potential impact of the El Niño weather conditions requires preparation to protect property and persons. The homeless, facing the cold, the wet and the flooding head-on, most often with the aid only of a blanket or bedroll, are particularly vulnerable. It is the City of San Francisco that the public has tasked with the allocation of tax dollars to meet this vital need for services.


Homeward Bound Program Offers Free Bus Ride Home

By Scott Nelson

As part of San Francisco’s efforts to address the homeless situation, the City offers a free bus ride home for homeless or low income persons. The program applies for those who are not from the Bay Area and want to return home or to a city in which they have family or friends willing to take them in.

In order to qualify for the Homeward Bound program, a person must (1) be homeless/low income and living in San Francisco;


Walgreens Now Largest Bottle & Can Recycler in SF

September 15, 2015

Walgreens, which currently operates over 60 stores in San Francisco, now provides recycling of California Redemption Value (CRV) beverage containers at 30 of those locations. The recycling hours at each store are the same as their regular business hours—including three locations open 24 hours per day. In addition, CVS/Pharmacy also permits CRV recycling in at least five of its 13 San Francisco stores.