Pissed Off! Or, Armed Leftwing Immigrant Trans Woman: So Are You Yt Liberals Volunteering To Be My Personal Bodyguard?

As a sex worker who has carried a .38 Special to great effect for personal protection, I want to thank all of you who want to disarm me while ignoring the police and military who continue to murder and oppress LGBTQ+, poor folks, People of Colour, and people in US occupied nations, so that I can enjoy getting assaulted some more. I want to thank all of you who focus on guns rather than the role that men play in our societies. I want to thank all of you who ignore toxic masculinity. I want to thank all of you who trust Trump over marginalized people like me who cannot rely on the police for protection.


I can see you’re still urging gun control with nary a mention of the police or military.


Don’t worry, I’m not even really too upset, deaf ears are part and parcel to my situation.

How foolish of me to think liberals (and most anarchists and Leftists, really) actually cared about the opinions, safety, and autonomy of a trans* sex worker of colour over the state sponsored narrative that ensures their comfort.


If disarmament happened from the top down, every nuke, every police officer, every soldier, every bomb, every right-wing militia member, every citizen, and the patriarchal culture of violence, toxic masculinity, and chauvinism were addressed and dealt with and discussed openly, honestly, and frankly, then we will have accomplished something. Obviously, a simple band aid of a gun ban is far less work, so we’ll just go with that, apparently!


Realize this: neither the NRA and Trump’s rightwing following want me me to defend myself. Nor do the liberal elites in their privileged falsely progressive circles.


White supremacy, whatever form it takes, will never tolerate armed People of Colour who defy and reject colonization.

Cheers! 💃🏻