“Lost It All (Rebuilding Again) – an Fuck SESTA/FOSTA Poem of a Transgender Sex Worker”

In madness, in darkness
Sucking dicks, flashing tits
In sadness, in silence
Forced to submit to their fantasies so sick
Mistreated, hated
Their transmisogynist abuse knows no limits

That’s what life looks like in a motherf***ing post-SESTA/FOSTA world!

In corporate bondage
My humanity always caged
Paying too much for healthcare that don’t do shit
Disabled, Medicaid won’t even pay for my fucking pussy – they’re transphobic
F*** the police
They harass and treat me like I’m their prison bitch
A prison for the mind
But I’d rather be free than to live another cold night trying to survive

That’s what life looks like in a motherf***ing post-SESTA/FOSTA world!

Used to have money
Life was amazing
Had a home
Never alone
Security in safer screening
A blacklist to let my sex worker friends know how to stay safe
No fear, consensual sexual lifestyle so healthy
Then came the day the motherf***ing Nazis signed this bill that made us all unsafe

This was life before motherf***ing SESTA/FOSTA!

Now I’m homeless
Starving, life’s a bitch
On the road to California
From Brattleboro to the Bay Area
From Burlington to Los Angeles
Holding on, never an ounce of quit
Rebuilding, rebranding
Reclaiming, renaming
Recreating, resurrecting
Reliving trauma, finding healing

Now I live in a post-SESTA/FOSTA world as a genderqueer/transgender woman
A sex worker
A porn star
A rope bondage model
A proud whore
Freak flag flying
Webcam slut
Holding on for a better tomorrow
Instead of living in Trump’s Nazi Amerika in sorrow
Who cares if one more light goes out?
Well, you do – you make sure that I never fade away
Who cares if my time’s run out?
Well, you do – you make sure that I live to fight another day

I may hate this motherf***ing post-SESTA/FOSTA world
But you, the community of freaks, kinksters, outcasts, cam-whores, streetwalkers, Pro Doms/Dommes, Pro Switches/submissives, porn stars, rope riggers, photographers, filmmakers, bondage toymakers – you all give me hope for a better tomorrow.
Thank you for reminding this transgender freak that I should never let life harden my heart and soul.


The end – mic drop worthy moment for the motherf***ing awesome people in the back.


© 2018 Transgender Mad Genius Arts/Revolution Grrrl Publishing, All Rights Reserved.