Cost Me

Cost me s*** u cost me a lot of pain
My strength my memory and my common thoughts
I remember when u climbed on top of me n took my streets u looked me in my face with that crook look n banged my streets
Can’t nobody be me
Can’t nobody feel me
I sit here and look at these white f***ers on the streets
Using my words taking my swag the streets z cost me the hate of tht white swag
Tht wanna b our black n brown streets so bad
Living our life tryna take our bag
My Samoan sister surviving off the Pheins
My El Salvadoran sister stabbing to be free
My black sister trickin with the tricks
The streets cost me
It cost me time with my baby so I can make a thousand a night
I can’t stand white ppl who come join my life
See they got it better then us with they’re white Love
our grandmothers are slaves refugees n immigrants only thing u could say is what your own ppl did to u like hitler yea my brothers took me cause of ur white supremacy
We can’t get military guns the police gave them
I couldn’t post an ad unless the system made it
So y’all want us f***ed up streets have that tough love
Rest In Peace to all my homies sometimes I wish that meant return if possible
But the streets took you so that’s not an option
I remember them cold nights off all that powder
You couldn’t walk in my shoes if we had the same dollars
Cause we don’t got the same color we don’t got the same struggle
You couldn’t tell me how to make baking soda look like crack
Or poor syrup with Benadryl too have ppl thinking they leaning back
only my streets could tell me
The streets didn’t cost me s*** but to never turn on my colors for some white s***