Queer + Trans Icons

by Jason Wyman

My name is Jason Wyman, and I’m an artist in San Francisco. I’m also Queer.

I’ve struggled a bit recently with my mental health. I’ve been quite a bit down and my anxiety has kinda been through the roof. I’ve even cried myself to sleep.

To help me get through this rough patch, I hunkered down into my art practice. I shared space with other queer + trans folks,



It’s hard to say goodbye to the person I once knew. This special person that made me smile, laugh and made me stop feeling blue. Staying up for hours and talking about everything. To drawing and creating our own worlds to escape, to the way we used to sing. I’ll remember all those moments today, when I meet you for our visit. For however long or brief it is, I will cherish every minute. I will feel like I will be meeting you,


Sexual Gentrification

By Garrick Wilhelm

Gentrification is the reshaping of communities through economic forces generally based in racism. How can gentrification be sexual?

Have you ever thought that you weren’t attracted to a group of people based on their race (ex. “I’m not into Asian men”)? Have you ever deselected someone as a partner because they weren’t of a particular race (ex. “I only date white women”).

Race is an unreal reality.


The CURSE of Conservatorship

by Meghan Roadkill Johnson

Over months of politically heated public hearings and rally’s on what direction SB 1045 would be headed in San Francisco, the bill passed on June 4th 2019 by an alarming 10 to 1 vote. Supervisor Shamann Walton, being the only one to oppose the conservatorship legislation, voiced that he was not convinced the city would make any plans to reduce the negative impact on the African American community, people of color and other marginalized groups.


Gay Shame

Image features two panels. In the first a cop grabs a person by the wrist and threatens them with a baton while pejoratively calling them "QUEER!". In the second a cop and a person in a business suit hold a banner reading "QUEER" and hold an American flag. Underneath it reads "POLICE OUT OF PRIDE"

reprinted from gayshame.org

2019 marks 50 years since Stonewall, a series of riots that kicked off at the Stonewall Inn in New York’s Greenwich Village in opposition to repeated police raids, harassment and overall criminalization of poor and marginalized queer people who patronized the bar, one of the few establishments where they were welcome[. Stonewall is widely considered an inaugural moment for the broader gay/trans liberation movement, its militancy deemed commensurate with the indignities that sparked it.


HUD Rule Would Target Trans People in Shelters

by Jesse Dekel

On May 22, the Department of Housing and Urban Development, led by Secretary Ben Carson, formally proposed a rule that would allow all federally funded homeless shelters in the United States to discriminate based on religious philosophy. This proposal would negate the 2016 and 2012 Equal Access laws that protect shelters from discriminating against transgender clients.

I talked to Ben Baczkówski, the Shelter Client Advocate for the Eviction Defence Collaborative about HUD’s rule proposal,


my pride

A shirtless figure in white pants stands in the center with rainbow wings and blonde hair. Underneath is the handwritten caption "My Body doesn't define me"

by Tommi Avicolli Mecca

© 2019

my pride is defiant and raw

it’s not polite

it isn’t marketable

it won’t show up

in the Dow Jones averages

it’s not running for office

or joining the police force

the military

the church

it won’t cooperate with the FBI

CIA or Homeland Security

it doesn’t put kids in cages

tear gas asylum seekers

or criminalize the homeless

it knows that changing laws

and electing politicians

isn’t enough

it’s not a ribbon

a flag

a beer

or a hashtag

it isn’t trending or being tweeted

it’s not a Russian bot

or a meme

it’s not going shopping

or something I ordered online

it doesn’t stay in an AIRbnb

or call a Lyft

it doesn’t have a buffed body

a designer wardrobe

or a supply of party drugs

it doesn’t let me forget

all the murdered gay men

and trans women of color

the years that gay sex

and drag were illegal

or how this nation stood by

and let my friends die

it understands that no matter how

much things seem to change

I’m still not safe

my pride

is ever on guard

and always in your face

to a fagbasher

by Tommi Avicolli Mecca

© 2018


From Loss to Profit

by Jayda Brunson

I had lost everything. My peace of mind, my dignity and strength … everything was gone. Every ounce of care and motivation that I had was gone. I didnʼt know how to pick myself back up from such a dark place. But life had to go on, right? Rent was due. My car note was due. My insurance lapsed. Bill collectors were calling, and I had no source of income.


Crucified Working Girl: Past Life Trauma

lady briyani

CW Very graphic crucifixion descriptions of a sex worker woman who was crucified by Roman authorities- but it ends on how it inspires me today.

by lady briyani

Pull out the ruins of my teeth: we’ll make joyous love as cop cars and stars burn out around us

Dreams like these always beckon me after a night’s labour-

Dreams like this,


cartoonish red umbrella

St. James Infirmary


St. James Infirmary is a peer-based occupational health and safety clinic for sex workers of all genders. They work to increase access to primary healthcare and social services for Sex Workers throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, formalize communication and collaboration among individuals and agencies who serve Sex Workers to better serve our community and promote peer-based public health initiatives on behalf of Sex Workers, which may be used as a model for improving occupational health and safety standards and developing comprehensive medical and social services for Sex Workers around the world.