Legislation Passes to Give First Right of Purchase to Nonprofits

By Jarred Quarles

“When tenant rights are under attack, what do we do? STAND UP AND FIGHT BACK!”

This was the heartfelt call and response headed by South of Market Community Action Network activist Abigail. The moving chant was perfectly positioned at the end of the press conference for the Community Opportunity to Purchase (COPA) legislation on April 16, 2019. This press conference was based on the fight for basic human housing rights which continues to be under attack here,



100 years of working-class Mission community in a historic landmark building that we will not allow to succumb to the forces of speculation and displacement!

About the campaign:

The San Francisco Labor Council built the Labor Temple in 1914. The building was a hub of union organizing and work activities and a primary center for the city’s historic labor community for over half a century. It was the epicenter of organizing for the San Francisco General Strike of 1934,



By Shyhyene Brown

Growing up with my mom was truly a struggle. My mom was a true heroin junkie, doing anything and everything to get her fix. But one day, she got tired and decided to quit cold turkey. And for seven whole days, I detoxed my mom from heroin. She stayed clean and sober for 15 years until five years ago, when she relapsed and died from a heroin overdose.

One year and two months ago,



Black background print with my text reading You Belong Here

By Darnell Boyd

How could we as a wealthy, prosperous city be so heartless against the homeless people, especially those with mental health issues? We all know that we need a new state-of-the-art shelter and shelter system, but no one wants it in their neighborhood. Profit before people, is what anti-homeless people think and say, we don’t want anything to interfere with our precious tourist industry. While visitors to the city are are practically worshipped,


Supervisors Debate Whether to Close Juvie

by Anisha Tammana

On Tuesday, April 9, Supervisor Hillary Ronen, alongside co-sponsors Shamann Walton and Matt Haney, introduced legislation to shut down San Francisco’s Juvenile Justice Center by the end of 2021. A rally to support the initiative took place on the city hall steps that day, and with speakers ranging from city officials to formerly incarcerated youth, the common message rang clear: we need to take action, and we need to stop imprisoning our kids.


Preying on the Poor: California’s Towing Practices Hurt Everyone

Emily Garcia

Everyone loses in California’s vehicle towing game. The state of California, it’s taxpayers and the people as a whole all lose massive amounts of money, time and -for those most vulnerable- their vehicles. For many, a vehicle is not only a means of transportation but also a shelter. In a climate where housing is impossible to afford and sustain, people are using their vehicles as shelter. Even for those with homes,


Vendor Profile: Stanley “Action” Jackson

A smiling Street Sheet vendor sits on a desk wearing his vendor badge


Where you from?

I’m from Oakland. I moved to San Francisco in 2000, and I’ve been homeless here since 2000. I still live in the shelters, and I’ll be re-evaluated for coordinated entry on the 16th (of April).

How long have you been selling Street Sheets?
Since 2000. I like it because it gives me a chance to meet and talk to people.



by Lorne Thomas aka Sewer Rich®


is but a 4 letter word to try to explain

all the emotion struggles that a person must strain

to carry on their shoulders walking through life trying to maintain

a smile that is plastered hiding the fact that it is the emotion that we cannot face

it can bring tears to your eyes and makes you feel displaced

it renders your soul empty leaving you in disgrace

making you want to vanish without a trace.on



ABO Comix


Casper Cendre’s small apartment has stacks of letters, envelopes, and artwork in every corner. On their monitor is a spreadsheet with hundreds of names, a chronological record of every letter received and the order in which to respond. A decorated frame holds a brightly colored depiction of David Bowie, who looks on with twinkling eyes. This is the home of ABO Comix, a prisoner solidarity collective and small press based in Oakland working to amplify the voices of LGBTQ prisoners throughout the US and to assist them with financial,