Redding Mayor Moves to Create Concentration Camps for Homeless Folks

Redding, California — On November 19, 2019, Mayor Julie Winter of Redding, CA sent a letter to Governor Gavin Newsom asking him to sign a  State of Emergency classification that would allow the city to create a megashelter for homeless people that would essentially operate as a concentration camp. In an interview with Jefferson Public Radio that same week, Winter said, “it’s not a facility you could just leave because you wanted to.” Although all other City Council members signed the letter,


Oakland Activists Jailed Protesting Encampment Sweeps

by Jazmine Davis

On November 24, I joined about 30 other people in occupying Frank Ogawa Plaza in downtown Oakland to demand adequate housing for homeless people and the end of encampment evictions.

The occupation started out very successful; people were interested in what we were doing, wanted to learn how they could contribute, and were overall supportive of the action. We were out there with tents, food and literature for most of the day until the sun started to go down.



On the tails of his administration’s trip to California, Trump blasted the state for the homelessness crisis, calling for the creation of involuntary camps where unhoused people could be locked out of site. His threats may become reality under the leadership of Robert Marbut, the private consultant Trump has picked to head the United States Interagency Council on Homelessness, pending confirmation by the same council.

Robert Marbut is known for the use of the term “velvet hammer”,


Breed and BIDs Launch Eco-Blitzkrieg Against Homeless People This Holiday

Western Regional Advocacy Project

On November 19, Mayor Breed announced the “Love Our City Holiday Eco Blitz.” The Eco Blitz is a 24 hour a day, two month initiative to clean up the city for the holiday weekend between Black Friday and the end of the holiday shopping season.   However, an unfortunate side effect of these efforts we have seen repeatedly has been the sweeping of poor and unhoused people out of downtown San Francisco in the name of street cleanliness or “going green.” Breed announced her holiday theme alongside the cities’ most notorious conductors of sweeps: the Department of Public Works and the police department.


One Day Hunger Strike at Notorious Santa Rita Jail

by Ella Rose-Kessler

On October 30, over 400 individuals locked up in Santa Rita Jail staged a one-day hunger and work stopage strike to fight back against the inhumane conditions they’re subjected to. The group had a list of 26 demands relating to their inhumane treatment, such the jail providing more cleaning supplies to maintain sanitary conditions, access to lawyers, better and more nutritious food, daily exercise and recreation time, and an end to price gouging for commissary items and phone calls.


Our Wheels, Our Homes

By Mirjam Washuus

As of April 2019, over 1,800 San Franciscans  were living in their vehicles. This is an increase of almost 600 people (49 %) since 2017 and simultaneously an undercount according to the point-in-time count itself. That is nearly 2,000 people sleeping, eating, fighting illnesses, helping neighbors, raising children, going to work and school from inside a tin box with very limited, if any, access to water and electricity. So, they are dependent on its community (both City and neighbors) to provide support as in any other community.


Mayor and Board Reach Deal on Mental Health SF

by Jennifer Friedenbach

In a compromise, two competing measures on mental health will not go to the ballot; instead, Mental Health SF will go through the legislative process.  The very contentious process ended in awkward hugs as the city family shared the stage on the steps of city hall in a press conference announcing the deal on November 12, 2019. 

     Supervisors Hillary Ronen and Matt Haney proposed going to the ballot with Mental Health SF,


Suicide Prevention for Unhoused Folks

by Shyhyene Brown

So imagine growing up in an abusive family, imagine struggling to fit in at school and at home, being bullied at school. Imagine being raped by the person you trusted to protect you. Just imagine running away from home to get away from the hurt and pain that you endured at home. And just imagine using drugs and alcohol at a young age to suppress the feelings of your past life.


Dia De Los Muertos: Highlighting the Urgent Need for Family Services

by Olivia Glowacki

A grandmother in our Housing Justice Work Group reported to us the death of her grandchild, who prematurely died in the womb, according to her doctor, most likely due to the mother’s stress of being homeless and on the streets. This news emerged in the midst of a three-year battle with the City of San Francisco to make pregnant people eligible for family homeless services. Prior to our recent win,


Street Sheet Love

by Quiver Watts

Tim J noticed a problem living in San Francisco: while the city has poured hundreds of millions into trying to solve the homeless problem, more action needed to be taken for those that are in need. He was a regular reader of Street Sheet, so he knew that this paper puts money directly into the pockets of those able to work for it, and he knew from talking to vendors that selling the paper made a huge impact on them.