Housing is a Human Right

by Jennifer Friedenbach

Handouts are nice

Organizing is nicer

Unity is preferred

Solidarity is required

I am nothing without us

No person can be excluded

God will not craft justice

It will take all of us fighting together

Social justice cannot wait

All of us are 

Hurt when one of us are suffering

Unless we want blood on our hands

Many of us must take action

And do what is necessary

Nothing can stop us

Rising up

Instilling hope

Getting what is ours

Housing for all peoples

Treatment on demand


Be Aware of SRO Contracts

by AF

In the building I live in we have critters and roaches, and sometimes the bathrooms are kinda messed up with feces and cigarette butts, toilet paper all around and left on the floor. Usually the building is inspected once every year, but recently they’ve been doing it every month just to harass us. I want these conditions to improve because it is inhumane how people live with these conditions. We have pest control come but they just treat the rooms,


Smothered By the Law: An Immigration Raid in Sheep’s Clothing

by Tee Hoatson

If you work in community with folks on the streets near downtown San Francisco, news of the August 7 mass arrest has reached you by now. 

In one fell swoop, the San Francisco Police Department arrested 50 individuals allegedly selling meth, fentanyl, heroin and cocaine in a 50-block area, covering large portions of the Tenderloin and Civic Center, and Federal Agencies arrested 37 more. All of the individuals arrested by the feds were Central American immigrants.


Art in Activism, Activism in Art

An Interview with Leslie Dreyer

by Johnna Gadomski and Ella-Rose Kessler

“All good art is political! There is none that isn’t. And the ones that try hard not to be political are political by saying, ‘We love the status quo,’” – Toni Morrison (1931-2019), Rest in Power.

         The world of artistic activism embraces the political nature of art, leveraging art to inspire thoughtful conversations,


Rebuttal to the Chronicle: Visibility for Homeless Families

by Tracey Mixon

The San Francisco Chronicle recently published a list of Frequently Asked Questions about homeless families in San Francisco. This was the question. “How many families are homeless, and what’s being done to help them?”

The Chronicle’s reply? “The 2019 one-night homeless count found 201 families (612 people), a count similar to the 2017 one-night count of 190 families (601 persons). That means 8% of the total counted homeless population is made up of families.


Tent Taking Ticket Writers

by Darnell Boyd

Why are the police writing tickets and taking tents when there aren’t enough shelter beds and apartments to put people in? The tent takers are exposing the homeless folks to the elements. We all know what happens when unhoused people are exposed to cold air, cold rain, and a hot sun: they get sick and have to go to the emergency room. Those who are elderly will not survive that long out there,



By Lisa Aragon

Sometimes you don’t know what to do

If you look, there will be help, that is true

Things you need are long overdue

Life does not always give us the best view

Homelessness will never be new

People that get over it are very few

Everyone is locked in some kind of zoo

Whenever you pray,


Look Around

by Jennifer Friedenbach

Look around

Open eyes look back

Back back back to slavery time

Black bodies bent

Stolen bodies working stolen land

Brown First Nation bodies strewn

Stolen lives losing Stolen futures

Look around

Open eyes look forward

Forward forward forward to Reagan Trump times

Black bodies lying askew

Stolen belongings sleeping without on stolen ground

Brown bodies kidnapped and detained

Stolen futures killing stolen dreams

Look around

Open eyes see resistance

Resist resist resist to a new time

Black bodies reclaim their homes

Brown bodies reclaim their dreams

Black and brown and white unite



BART advertisement reads “Say no to panhandling. There’s a better way to give.” with a hand forming a heart around words reading “Have a HEART but GIVE SMART”

By TJ Johnston

July 25, 2019

As this paper goes to print the president of BART’s Board of Directors, Bevan Dufty, wrote on Twitter that BART will be removing the anti-panhandling signs and that the campaign “happened w/out considering broader messaging”. 

Here we go again: another anti-panhandling campaign.

To be specific, another plea for housed people to avoid giving money to usually unhoused or unsheltered people.