The New SROs

SROs, or single room occupancy hotels, have long formed the backbone of San Francisco housing. SROs traditionally serve low-income individuals and are often owned privately, but operated by nonprofits or leased by the city. According to the Department of Building Inspection, there are 404 privately owned SROs in San Francisco with around 13,190 residential rooms available for rental.  


As the housing crisis in San Francisco shows no signs of abating,


Driver Plaza

This neighbourhood comes together to


Serve the community,

Long-time community,

Form bonds

Among themselves,

Feed the people,

North Oakland people


Free home-made

And donated food

On bowls & plates,

Free rides

To the hospital,

Free legal advice

Teaching the poor

About rights they

Never knew they had,


Police Officer Association Tries to Bypass Community Process on Tasers

This June voters will be asked to vote on an initiative put forward by the Police Officers Association (POA) that would arm every police officer with Tasers,, a lethal weapon that has long been controversial in San Francisco. The Police Commission, a body meant to enforce police accountability, approved the implementation of Tasers in SFPD in November but has undergone an extensive community process to decide when Tasers can or cannot be used. The ballot initiative would set that policy for them.


Ballot Measures Pit Poor Communities Against Each Other

Two ballot measures are rushing to the June ballot this year that aim to recuperate taxes from businesses and put them to work for poor people. Both are new gross receipts taxes, or taxes on the revenue receipts taken in by businesses in San Francisco. Measure C, introduced by Norman Yee and Jane Kim, is a 3 percent tax meant to fund pay increases for child care workers. Measure D, introduced by Asha Safai, is a 1.7 percent tax meant to generate $60 million for shelter and housing for homeless people (potentially 400 units),



After meeting with District Attorney George Gascón, advocates for the family of a slain homeless man learned that a decision whether to charge two San Francisco police officers who shot him would come in six to eight weeks.

But recent figures published by an activist organization suggest that the cops might go scot free.

On February 28, Gascón met with friends and family of Luis Góngora Pat to update them on his office’s investigation of the fatal shooting of Góngora Pat at a Mission District encampment in 2016.


No justice, no deal: Time for a better contract with the police union

SF cops are among the highest-paid in the country — but we aren’t getting our money’s worth, and the POA is a major obstacle to reform.

Originally run in 48 Hills March 5, 2018

Two years after the city formally committed itself to police reform, we have almost bupkis to show for it. The reason? The San Francisco Police Officers’ Association, the single, greatest obstacle to police reform in the city.



The cold winter winds whipped under the freeway overpass at Dore Street and a piece of paper tied to a green tent with a rubber band flapped in the wind. In big bold lettering the message on the paper warns:  “RESOLUTION DAY: TUES. FEB. 27th, 2018”  “NOTICE TO VACATE.” The notice also notes that those who have not vacated may be subject to citation and/or arrest, and that the City will conduct a clean up of the area “including the removal of all individuals.”

About a month ago.


Niya Uballe – Home Series

Name: Niya Uballe

Date: 26 February 2018

Place: Dore Street between Bryant and Brannon

Time without a home: I’ve been out of a place most of my life but in SF about 2.5 years

Age: 32


*What does home mean?

Home is a place to feel comfortable, to kick off your shoes and feel love, unconditional love. 


Breaking Silence About Mental Health

Why don’t we as a black community think we need to seek mental health? Why do we have to think we are crazy to see a PYSCH? Well, living in S.F. Housing Development and surviving more than 80 drive-by shootings, and over 40 murders in a 2-block radius, if you weren’t crazy you will be. We all must suffer from PTSD on some level whether we know it or not. I suffer from a severe case of PTSD and agoraphobia.