The Not So New Concentration Camps

by Quiver Watts

Two hundred people gathered outside the Federal Building in San Francisco at 8 a.m. on Friday, blockading the main entrance in protest of the abhorrent concentration camps set up all across the country that are currently warehousing more than 53,000 immigrants, including 15,000 children. Conditions in the camps are appalling, with overcrowding forcing people to spend nights in standing room only cells, children being denied such basic provisions and toothbrushes and diapers,


MUNI Keeps Passing Me By

by Zachary Karnazes

Under federal law, people with disabilities are supposed to
have the same access to government-funded services and public transportation as
everyone else. Many disabled people suffered and fought for the passage of the
ADA, or the Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990, which recognized for the
first time many basic rights of disabled people.  It was the closest thing we’ve had to a civil
rights movement.

However, just because something is law doesn’t mean that
people are following all the rules.



Hundreds of San Franciscans joined in a unity rally to show support for November 2018’s Proposition C. The measure, which was passed by the majority of San Francisco voters, will generate $300 million annually by taxing a small number of the City’s wealthiest corporations and will provide thousands of homeless people with housing and homelessness services. Three business associations representing large corporations are suing the proposition, including the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, California Business Roundtable,


Shut Down 850 Bryant!

Shut Down 850 Bryant sticker from

No New SF Jail Coalition

July 2019 communiqué

After the 2015 victory in stopping a new jail from being built, the No New SF Jail Coalition worked alongside city players to try to bring down the jail population in order to close the jail at 850 Bryant without constructing or reopening any jails. While there have been several policy changes, programmatic expansions, and some creation of new resources these have not resulted in a decrease in the jail numbers.


Hot Weather Protocol Takes Heat from Advocates

Overhead shot of San Francisco

by Armando Del Toro Garcia

I appreciate that we have a hot weather protocol for homelessness, even in famously foggy San Francisco, but the alert notice published by the Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing (HSH) describing this hot weather protocol made me ask myself some questions. While all of the steps they describe taking in the alert are appropriate, I can’t help but feel underwhelmed by the scale of the response given the severity of our homelessness crisis.


No Pride in Homeless Sweeps

by Jay Rice

It’s always complicated to participate in San Francisco Pride. Against the background of disproportionate LGBTQIA+ homelessness in San Francisco, a supposed “queer mecca,” and the corporate- and cop- washing of a movement rooted in riots and resistance, we carefully considered declining the offer to appear on the main stage. 

The event itself celebrated politicians who have terrible and oppressive policy histories that are counter to queer liberation,


Support Organizations Working to Close the Camps

This is a guide of many amazing organizations working to close the detention centers, abolition ICE and CBP, paying bail for families currently being held in the camps, offering free legal support to detainees, supporting the survival of queer and trans asylum seekers, and so much more that is needed to support immigrant communities. Please consider donating to these groups or offering your volunteer services.

Diversidad Sin Fronteras

Venmo @dsf2019 // Donate online: 

Diversidad Sin Fronteras es un colectivo de liderazgo,



By TJ Johnston

June 25, 2019

The homeless property yard at the San Francisco Department of Public Works saw an unusually busy Saturday afternoon on June 22, more activity than the workers anticipated.

Eleven unhoused City residents — joined by about 100 supporters of unhoused people — attempted to reclaim property that Public Works crews seized during sweeps of outdoor encampments earlier this year to where it was supposedly stored. 


Budget Passes in SF with Wins for Justice Advocates

by Sam Lew

For the past seven months, coalitions have been engaging in budget justice work to make the City’s $12.2 billion dollar budget one that is for the people, by the people. These coalitions — the Budget Justice Coalition, the Our City Our Home Coalition, and the Homeless Emergency Service Providers Association — fought for funding for the City’s most marginalized populations, including seniors and people with disabilities, people experiencing homelessness, and working class youth and families.


Navigation Center Approved in Embarcadero

A photo of the Ferry building, with the Bay Bridge and Treasure Island behind it.

by Anisha Tammana

On Tuesday, June 25, the Board of Supervisors unanimously approved the construction of a 200 bed navigation center in the Embarcadero, rebuffing an attempt by neighboring wealthy homeowners to prevent the expansion of shelter for their poor and homeless neighbors. 

The fight for any kind of shelter is often long, and comes with a heavy history of opposition. Back in April the Port Commission voted unanimously to approve the proposed SAFE Navigation Center on the Embarcadero.